2022 and beyond: The future of cloud managed services

28/04/2022 Tom De Blende

Over the last two years, we have all adapted and reorganized the way we work. The immediate need for flexibility, accessibility and scalability has urged businesses to shift gears in adopting the cloud. Thanks to rapidly evolving cloud technology and services, most jobs can now be executed from just about anywhere, without sacrificing resources or efficiency. So the question now is, where will the cloud take us next?

Focus on data management and analysis

We can no longer afford to focus only on configuring and maintaining cloud environments. Going forward, we will need to pay close attention to how we manage the data that’s stored in the cloud as well. To ensure data security and prevent data leaks, everyone who operates in the cloud should implement a solid backup strategy and disaster recovery plan. The more the cloud develops, the more interesting it becomes for data thieves. We must protect our data by prioritizing data management and cloud security.

Adequate and future-oriented data analysis is the key to accessing greater operational insights to improve wider data-driven decision making. Managing and analyzing our data effectively will become more important than ever, requiring extensive expertise and know-how. After all, we all want to get the most out of our existing data assets and resources. This means there will be a growing need for certified cloud specialists.

From IoT to IoB

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables us to connect devices, systems and data to efficiently exchange information without the need for a central server. IoT also facilitates the constant collection and storage of data in the cloud. With IoT, companies will be able to act based on automated analytics to truly propel innovation.

Every organization relies on personal relationships, be it with customers, vendors, or employees. They are our most valuable assets. This is where Internet of Behavior (IoB) comes in. IoB evolved from IoT, but where IoT is technology focused, IoB pivots around people and their connections. IoB applications allow people to trust data through their personal connections with others or with companies, without having any need or ability to access the data directly. In the years to come, IoB will combine social interactions with machine learning. Social networks and apps will use IoB for user behavior tracking and personalization.

Automate and optimize with AI

With the help of AI, seemingly mundane tasks can be automated and optimized. This frees up time and resources to develop innovative products and revolutionary services. AI will create intricate new ways to offer personalized and tailor-made services to customers, allowing for very specific customer segmentation and experience creation.

Looking ahead, IoT, IoB and AI are set to propel us into a completely new way of doing business.

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