2023 in the AWS cloud: 5 trends to look out for

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17/01/2023 Tom De Blende

This new year may be the most exciting one yet in the world of cloud computing and AWS. It marks the breakthrough of technologies and solutions that are going to take us to the next level of sustainable innovation faster than we could have imagined just a short time ago. Here’s a brief intro to the dizzying developments of 2023:

#1 Hybrid cloud is the new normal

Hybrid cloud approaches take advantage of the scale and security of public clouds while keeping data on-premise or supporting edge computing. In a hybrid cloud, applications run in a combination of different environments. As hybrid becomes a dominant approach, providers will offer more flexible options to fit each customer’s data storage and workload needs. AWS is helping to reinvent the hybrid cloud by extending its infrastructure and services to customers wherever they need it.

Rather than offering a clunky mish-mash of tools and environments, AWS extends the cloud to where customers’ on-premises applications reside. Cloud infrastructure and services are deployed wherever they are needed for a consistent cloud experience. To stay competitive, platforms like AWS are focusing on industry-specific cloud products offering features and functions focused on sectors like finance, healthcare and telecom. AWS Outposts is a set of fully managed solutions delivering AWS infrastructure and services to virtually any on-premises or edge location for a truly consistent hybrid experience!

#2 Security is more essential than ever

The cloud opens up tremendous possibilities to boost efficiency and convenience. It also exposes companies to new cybersecurity threats. Compliance is also an issue, as there is more and more legislative restriction around how companies store and use personal data. Trust is everything, and keeping customer data safe is essential to stay in business.

All this contributes to cybersecurity being a higher priority than ever for global business. For companies balancing security with rising costs, it is essential to find innovative ways to save costs while optimizing security. A prime moment for AI and predictive technology to step in and help identify potential threats. There’s no question that investing in security pays off, so expect cloud security to be a huge growth segment.

#3 The cloud drives sustainability

Companies are relying on the cloud to help meet their sustainability goals by boosting efficiency while minimizing their environmental footprint. AWS designs sustainable and low-cost workloads that help brands reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption and waste. The impact is real, with AWS working to help Amazon achieve their goal of switching to 100% renewable energy.

Public cloud servers are much more efficient than traditional data centers due to highly utilized infrastructure. Moving software from hardware systems to the cloud also makes a major dent in energy consumption.  AWS can help customers lower their IT carbon footprint by a huge percentage, reducing emissions from consumed energy purchases. AWS is also pioneering water stewardship initiatives for a more efficient use of water resources. In times defined by accelerating climate change, there is no doubt that the environmental case for moving to the cloud is strong.

#4 The low- and no- code revolution

Low-code and no-code solutions are poised to make a major impact on the tech landscape. These tools and platforms allow anybody to build websites, applications and a wide range of digital solutions with little to no coding skills. They are even becoming available to create AI-powered applications. The timing couldn’t be better as it helps to compensate for the talent shortage of a booming IT sector and help accelerate digital transformation. Benefits include increased automation capabilities, faster turnaround, reduced error and greater accessibility. It’s safe to say that low- and no-code are going to be used for a majority of development in the near future.

The key is of course, the cloud, where users access these solutions as a service instead of having to own the computing infrastructure needed to run them. This is yet another area where the cloud is a major driver of innovation. AWS has been at the forefront of the low- and no-code revolution with Amazon Honeycode for building apps, AWS Amplify Studio for web-app development and no-code platform SageMaker Canvas for machine learning (ML). We’ll provide more details about the latest AWS announcements and innovations in low- and no-code in an upcoming blog!

#5 AWS solutions to keep your eye on

There were lots of other exciting developments announced at the end of 2022 at AWS re:Invent, giving us lots to look forward to in 2023. Here are just a few of them:

  • SimSpace Weaver: this new managed compute service simplifies the creation of huge spatial simulations with multiple data points without hardware restrictions.
  • Application Composer: this tool is set to speed up the development process of serverless applications. It maintains deployment-ready infrastructure as code definitions and offers a browser-based visual canvas.
  • Amazon Security Lake: this service automatically centralizes security data from all on-premises and cloud sources so analysts can aggregate, manage, and optimize huge volumes of data to respond to security threats.

There’s lots more in store: keep an eye on our blog for more juicy AWS developments!

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