3 Business Drivers for Cloud Migration According to Our Customers

12/07/2021 Sam D'Alleine

Do you know what the secret to building a great product is? Understanding your customer. In order to build something excellent, you have to ask the right questions. We wanted to know, for example, why our customers chose to migrate to the Cloud. So we asked them. Here are some of the most common responses:


“We want to cut costs”

Aren’t we all concerned about our bottom line? When we research a new tool or solution, budget will always be one of the main deciding factors. AWS prides itself on reducing operational costs by 51%. Eliminating costs for hardware and maintenance will significantly limit your recurring data storage costs. Is your business prone to high peaks and off-seasons? With cloud-based computing, you can increase your capacity (and the subsequent costs) when you need them and scale back when business is slow. 


“We want to increase our flexibility”

Technology has supercharged the rate at which businesses evolve, so being able to respond swiftly to market changes is integral to running a successful business. Does your software allow you to scale or pivot with minimum friction and maximum flexibility? A smart cloud migration & configuration can help you to boost productivity, enable more efficient data storage, and facilitate collaboration. 


“We want a solution that is safe and secure”

AWS has several high-profile clients who can’t afford to compromise on data safety. And you will benefit from those security needs. Enjoy AWS’s state-of-the-art data security when you do your cloud migration. Have you considered what will happen to your data in case of a natural disaster? A fire or a flood on-premise could be devastating and keep you offline for weeks, if not months. In the Cloud, data is stored and backed up across several data centers. So no matter what happens, you know that all vital information will stay safe and secure.


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