AWS re:Invent 2015: Day #1: the early bird catches…

05/10/2015 Bart Van Hecke


Jetlag?   Never happens to me… Yeah right!

Second day here in Vegas and I found myself wide-awake at 03:00AM, so I guess even having some beers and going to bed at 11:00PM does not prevent a jetlag either.
Well, that being said, it was time to find my mandatory cup of coffee and start preparing for the first day of the most anticipated event in the tech industry: AWS re:Invent. But first, let’s ‘slack’ with the colleagues back home…

I know that the ‘real’ conference starts tomorrow, but registration already opens at 07:00AM today, so why stand in line with my 18.000 fellow-cloud-ninja’s on Tuesday while I can register within a few hours? After all, the early bird catches the worm… ☺

Looking at the schedule today, there’s not really much going on yet, but as I said before, I’ll quickly go get my entrance ticket, so I don’t have to worry about that tomorrow and start my re:Invent journey at ease.

Since we’re not planning to participate in any of the bootcamps today, I think I’ll just pass by the AWS Certification Lounge later in the day (certification lounge opens around 01:00PM) and take a look around the event venue.
Who knows? Maybe we can already score some swag today… 🙂

Keep you posted …


UPDATE: OK, I was clearly not the only early bird here, but registration went smooth; registered within 5 minutes and got my swag (an AWS re:Invent hoodie) within 10 minutes. You can find some pics below to give you a first idea of the event venue:

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