COO Tom De Blende demystifies Cloud Security

06/07/2021 Bart Van Hecke

Cloudar was featured in the latest edition of Fokus IT and boy, was it a fascinating read. Are you ready to learn? Here’s what our COO Tom De Blende had to say on some common misconceptions about the Cloud.

Is Amazon Web Services safe to use?

Cloud security is on many people’s lips these days. It’s important to understand that keeping the Cloud safe requires a two-pronged approach. On our end, we ensure maximum safety of all cloud components and the physical security of all facilities. AWS has several high-profile customers, and it can’t afford data leaks or cyber-attacks. Every single one of our customers reaps the security benefits of that need for security. You will, too. Meanwhile, you are responsible to keep things safe on the operating side of the Cloud. 

Will I lose control over my configuration?

Not at all. In fact, we expect you to structure your IT components exactly as you like them. You decide what your configuration is going to look like and how you intend to keep it safe. We take care of the components themselves and the security of our data centers, so you can focus on securing the operating system, including patching and firewalls. 

Does Cloudar keep my data secure?

Data security is a hot topic, and rightfully so. Customers and corporations alike are becoming ever more critical about privacy and data governance. Let us reassure you. We will never access your data without your explicit consent and you will always remain in the driver’s seat. You decide where and how your data is stored. To help you enhance your data security, AWS offers state-of-the-art encryption, and allows you to manage your own encryption keys. We have learned a lot about data security in the past years. And here’s what we have learned from our 100+ customers: most data breaches are caused by human error. Automating as many processes as possible is key to keeping your data safe.

How does AWS ensure compliance? 

Compliance is crucial and unfortunately it is not one and done: you have to stay on top of it as you scale.AWS’ scalability can help you to grow your business while maintaining compliance with ease. How? We have the right tools available to check the compliance of your AWS environments. With AWS, staying compliant will become a lot more manageable in the long run.

Any other questions? We are happy to talk. Let us help you grow your business.



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