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08/06/2023 Team Cloudar

Perhaps you wouldn’t call him an employee, but at Cloudar we’re not big on hierarchy. It’s up to our three managing partners to set the tone for our company culture, and in our team everyone contributes. Today we’re shining the spotlight on Tom De Blende, who makes sure we continue to raise the bar for the quality of our managed services:

What do you like about working for Cloudar?
As one of the three managing partners, I focus on operations. I ensure that our professional services engineers are scheduled for projects and feel comfortable there, and that our clients are satisfied with our Service Delivery Managers. I appreciate the great atmosphere, the no-nonsense approach and the technology. The founders of Cloudar and I have all worked for large corporations where you come up against a lot of bureaucracy and red tape. At Cloudar we put the customer first, have short decision-making processes and are very results-oriented.

What memory or anecdote will stick with you?
The Cloudar weekend away in Vielsalm in the Ardennes provided us with more than enough anecdotes to savor to this day. It had been postponed several times due to the pandemic, but when we finally managed to go, it was legendary. Unfortunately I can’t share too many details. What happens in Vielsalm…but we can’t wait until the next edition!

What’s your most important work milestone so far?
There’s two of them actually: Achieving both the Premier Consulting Partnership as well as the Managed Services Partnership (MSP) with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Those are two quality labels that are quite difficult to attain, but are a real stamp of approval from AWS. It shows that we belong to the top tier of the AWS landscape in terms of both consulting and managed services.

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