Employee in the Spotlight: SecOps Engineer Andy Mommerency

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05/10/2023 Team Cloudar

At Cloudar, we believe in empowering our team to take the lead. Andy Mommerency, our esteemed secops engineer, is a prime example of this. Andy has played a crucial role in obtaining the ISO27001 certification and ensuring GDPR compliance for Cloudar. Besides his key contributions towards achieving the AWS MSP competency, he acts as a bridge between our development and infrastructure teams. Let’s dive into Andy’s journey at Cloudar and hear about his experiences firsthand! 

What do you like about working for Cloudar?

I think we’re really lucky to have such genuine, open-minded leadership at Cloudar. Bart, Tom and Senne prioritize work-life balance and they are always open to special requests. And it’s not just the management that stands out. Teaming up with such great colleagues has been incredibly rewarding, and there’s always a positive vibe around.

What memory or anecdote will stick with you?

Some time ago, I wanted to assess our GDPR incident procedure from a business continuity and awareness perspective. As I began preparations, the enthusiasm from other Cronos units was so overwhelming that our test transformed into a two-day drill, engaging figures like the DPO, CISO, legal team, and the cybercrime investigation team. I kept as many people in the dark as possible. The exercise kicked off with a false screenshot of forum posts suggesting a customer database leak. I even arranged for a journalist to call!

What’s your most important work milestone so far?

Without a doubt, securing the ISO27001 certificate and consistently acing our annual audits are major highlights. Additionally, this year we launched a comprehensive ‘SecOps team’ in response to growing customer demand.

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