Fast-tracking change: 6 ways managed services spark business innovation

14/03/2022 Tom De Blende

While traditional business models have been under pressure for a while, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the reevaluation of the way we work. Everywhere you look, businesses are moving their IT landscape from on-premise and private cloud to public cloud. Managed services have no other option than to reinvent themselves in parallel. They help fast-track change and render key functions more efficient and effective. Let’s dive into how that works.


#1 Free your mind and results will follow

COVID-19 showed us that flexibility in business and the way we regard work in general were the determining factors in how companies were able to successfully navigate these extraordinary circumstances. Organizations that were quick to integrate managed services and trusted them with the tasks that aren’t business-differentiating, created the opportunity for their employees to focus on innovation and recovery.

#2 Agility is key

The agility necessary for companies to adapt to changing circumstances has become all the more essential and noticeable. Its importance can therefore not be overstated. Integrating and training swift and flexible resolution and survival compels businesses to collaborate with new partners, such as managed services providers.

The confidence companies need to make agile business practices possible requires knowing operations and data are safe and secure at all times. Although there is no longer a need for physical backups, it’s still a good idea to back up virtual servers. AWS offers you the building blocks to take those backups. On top of that you’ll still need a framework to implement retention schemes, cross region backups, cross account backups and more. Having a trusted managed services partner to provide and manage such a framework will give you the assurance you need.

#3 Full force digital

Even before the pandemic, many businesses were implementing tools and applications to maximize digitization and automation in their operations. Ready or not, the pandemic has aggressively sped up this process. Managed services give companies solutions that already include fast, cost-effective access to technologies such as AI, trusted intelligence and automation as well as the technical expertise needed to master these, without the big upfront costs or challenges of finding the right talent.

#4 Continuous compliance

Even though businesses have been through very trying times, it’s important to keep looking at the future. Reshaping our professional landscape requires decisiveness, courage and boldness. In that process of change and transformation, continuous compliance is key. A dependable managed service provider can guard compliance, even when regulations and circumstances keep changing around us. In this way they provide companies with the confidence to venture into uncharted territory and discover new ways to do business.

Monitoring and managing compliance and smooth operations is a hefty assignment that is not to be underestimated. Subscribing to managed services takes this task off your hands. Dedicated monitoring, immediate reporting and round-the-clock support will limit downtime and issues. Together with your managed services partner, you decide on the support you need while making sure you only pay for what you need and use.


#5 Optimize costs, maximize results

Managed services providers like Cloudar keep an active eye on the cost of the cloud infrastructure they manage for you. Through monitoring, we have a clear view of how your provisioned infrastructure fits the measured activity and where we can better optimize the cloud cost to be in line with business value.

We work with you to make sure that your infrastructure fits your needs at all times and actively help you keep control of your cloud bill. We make sure that you pay for what you use and not just for what you provision. Our cost management comes down to this: using an external managed services provider helps you free up time and resources to focus on growing your business instead of only growing your cloud bill. This allows you to really maximize the business value you get out of your cloud infrastructure.

#6 Next-level expertise and analytics

The sooner businesses are able to respond to their changing circumstances, the smoother the transformation. Adaptability enables smarter and faster decision making. These strategic shifts are made possible through the expertise and thorough data analytics provided by managed services. They guarantee durable results, ongoing support and up-to-date knowledge and expertise.

When you decide to subscribe to managed services, you gain immediate access to a team of trained and AWS-certified engineers who are continuously refining their skills, following up on updates and patches, upping their game. They never stop looking for ways to improve and optimize your setup to make your infrastructure more reliable, performant and cheaper to run. You could hire an expensive team to try and manage all of this in-house, of course. But why would you?


Are you excited to find out how managed services can transform your business? Contact us at Cloudar. We are an official Next Generation AWS Managed Service Provider Partner, born in the cloud and offering Managed Services fit for the cloud. Let’s talk!



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