Great News : Cloudar is an official AWS Migration Competency Delivery Partner !

12/08/2020 Patrick Daulie

When I reflect on my IT Career, I have been actually migrating applications and workloads for the past few decades. It’s a constant and apparently that kind of thing that you never get tired of. Perhaps this is because there’s always a new road that reveals when reaching the next milestone. When arriving at a new milestone, it’s a good moment to stop, enjoy the scenery and look for the next challenge.

One of the key take-aways, is to travel in good company. Good travelling buddies make you strong and resilient in order to overcome roadblocks. They make you persistent. I have had the joy and luck to travel in very good company the past few years.

Today is the day to stop at a Milestone and enjoy the scenery.

At Cloudar, we are glad to announce that we officially have achieved our AWS Migration Competency Delivery partnership.

With this competency, Cloudar has proven to be a reliable partner and expert for Customers to assist and guide them in their Digital Migration journey.

It will get its place besides all of the other AWS competencies we already achieved.

Look at it as climbing a mountain, you have to be well-prepared for it , and well-equipped. But it will still take quite some effort and make you sweat. But when you arrive at your goal, you will see the clear perspective of where you’re going to. New roads reveil.

Today, with this competency, and with strong support of AWS, we are ready to even help our customers even more with reaching their goals and become a trustworthy travel companion in their Digital Migration Journey.

Maybe the travel metaphor seems less relevant in these times of staycations, but it is the journey itself and your next target that counts. It doesn’t always need to be far, just enjoy the road and your next success.

So, I think we arrived at a conclusion : you now know that Cloudar is an AWS Migration delivery partner ready to roll, staycations can be quite enjoyable too, and I also believe we even have got the people, process, tooling triangle covered along the way…

Please allow me to say special thanks to the travel companions that made it happen : AWS & AWS Partner Migration team, Cloudar Teams and especially our Customers ! Thank you.

Please consult the Public Migration Customer cases on our website and reach out.



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