Hey, have you heard? 5 common myths about cloud technology

14/06/2021 Sam D'Alleine

When new technologies emerge, the rumor mill will run a spin cycle that puts your washing machine to shame. We’re here to debunk five common misconceptions about adopting cloud technology. Let’s take a look.


MYTH 1: cloud is more expensive than a data center

Yes, if you put the price of a cloud solution next to the price of a data center, the cloud will be more expensive. But you are comparing apples and oranges. Once you take the total cost of ownership into account, you will see that the cloud is cheaper than an on-premise solution. Another major benefit: cloud offers you insights into your end-to-end. Its transparency helps you to optimize your solution and cut unnecessary costs. Finding out the true cost of your on-premise solution can be difficult.

Source: AWS

MYTH 2: the Cloud is not secure

AWS has a couple of very high-profile customers. The company simply can’t afford any security mishaps. How is this good news for you? Easy: every single AWS customer benefits from that need for rigorous safety mechanismsOf course, your company also has its part to play. Security and compliance are a shared responsibility between AWS and your organization. AWS operates, manages, and controls components, from the host operating system and visualization layer to the physical security of the facilities in which the system operates. Your job is to ensure the security of the guest operating system (including updates and security patches), other associated application software, and the AWS-provided security group firewall. Some services require more responsibility on the client’s side than others. You can choose and integrate your services based on how comfortable you are with your share of responsibility in keeping everything secure. Maximum flexibility, maximum comfort.


MYTH 3: AWS has access to my data

We understand that privacy and full control over your data are important to you. That’s why we provide APIs for you to configure access control permissions for any of the services you develop or deploy in an AWS environment. 

Here are the services we offer to help you access, encrypt, and log data:

  • AWS Identity and Access Management
  • AWS Organizations
  • AWS CloudTrail

As for us? We do not access or use your content for any purpose without your consent. We never use your content or derive information from it for marketing or advertising. Another concern is the storage of data. You choose where and how your data is stored. With the ability to replicate and back up content in multiple AWS regions. Oh, and you also have full control over how your content is secured. We offer strong encryption, and you can manage your own encryption keys. 


MYTH 4: I’ll be stuck with my cloud vendor

It’s true. Choosing a vendor is a commitment, but it offers enormous flexibility in services and solutions. And moving data cloud-to-cloud is a lot easier than moving information between legacy systems.  

Here are three ways our customers find freedom in cloud technology:

  • No long-term commitments: customers can adopt cloud tech on their own terms. AWS customers only use the services they find valuable.
  • Customer’s choice: our customers are free to use alternatives to proprietary tools, along with a range of ‘as-a-service’ capabilities. They choose how to invest and create their ideal ecosystem.
  • Moving into and out of AWS: AWS services are built to support both migrations into and out of AWS, and we provide many tools and documented techniques to make it easy to do both. 

While some say that combining technology stacks offers you the best of both worlds, we believe the opposite. Learning how to get the most out of a single technology stack will give you a major business advantage.

MYTH 5: The Cloud is killing IT jobs

Au contraire. Cloud helps IT professionals to thrive. When companies transition from on-premise services to the cloud, IT administrators don’t automatically lose their jobs. Most of them transition into the role of a trusted advisor and technical solutions facilitator. 

Cloud computing is growing rapidly at around 17% per year. It is projected to become an 800 billion industry by 2025. That kind of growth requires skilled technical professionals. The World Economic Forum estimates that cloud technology will generate 133 million jobs by 2022.

Do you have any other concerns? Would you like to talk about what cloud computing can do for your business? I’d be happy to chat! Contact me today for a free introductory call.




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