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10/06/2024 Team Cloudar

Get to know our #AWSome Pinball Break Room

At Cloudar, our break room isn’t just for coffee breaks – it’s the battleground for the legendary ‘Pinball Grand Champion Cup.’  – a prestigious, though temporary, ownership. Every few months, we swap out the pinball machine, igniting a fresh round of competition. This means that every three to six months, we must ‘relearn’ a new game, which, while fun, can be a distraction from our actual (#AWSome) work. Some of us embrace the challenge as a delightful learning experience, while others simply want to know how to do multi-balls & gain extra bonusses.

Enter Claude Chatbot (aka Pinbot)

But, learning each new game can be a bit of a time sink, right? That’s where our latest creation, the Claude Chatbot on AWS, comes into play. It is a chatbot with RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) capabilities. This means Claude can be loaded up with a wealth of knowledge from various sources like PDFs, YouTube videos, spreadsheets, even webpages.

Instead of loading Claude with legal texts or company manuals, I thought, “Why not make him a pinball wizard?” So, I programmed Claude to become the ultimate guide for our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pinball machine. I fed it YouTube videos of expert players, detailed rule sheets, and tips on mastering the game. In just a few minutes, TMNT Pinbot was ready to roll.

Playing Like a Pro

Imagine standing in front of the pinball machine, unsure of your next move. You simply ask TMNT Pinbot, “How do I play as Michelangelo?” and within seconds, it gives you the exact shots you need to make. No more endless YouTube searches – instant answers and higher scores. This saves time, and increases revenue (or in this case; your score on a pinball game). Plus, the Pinbot can reference its sources, so you can see exactly where the tips are coming from.

Beyond Pinball: Claude’s Endless Possibilities

Sure, the Pinbot is a fun & quick gimmick, but Claude Chatbot’s potential goes far beyond gaming. Picture a world where your company’s entire knowledge base is just a question away. Need to check a guideline? Ask Claude. Trying to find a procedure buried in a mountain of documents? Claude’s got it. This isn’t just about saving time – it’s about enhancing productivity and ensuring consistency across the board; no more risky “creative” interpretations of your procedures/documentation.

Real-World Applications

Imagine a repair bot for mechanics. Instead of combing through bulletins for error code 678, a mechanic could just ask the bot and get immediate, accurate suggestions. Or think about a compliance bot that ensures all your creative marketing ideas meet company policies. No more guessing if your booth design follows the AWS logo rules – just ask the bot, and it’ll tell you.

The Future is Conversational

The Pinbot is just a fun demo, but it shows how powerful conversational interfaces can be. As we continue to refine our Claude Chatbot’s capabilities, we’re excited to see how this technology will revolutionize workplaces; From saving time to ensuring compliance. The future of work is conversational, and Cloudar is leading the charge.

Stay tuned for more use cases!




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