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07/04/2022 Bart Van Hecke

We offer our clients scalable and innovative solutions. We believe our employees deserve nothing less. These days a competitive salary with added benefits is the bare minimum. So we started looking for a way to distinguish ourselves by improving our employee’s wellbeing. With the help of Alan, we were able to level up our health benefits.

Since Cloudar was founded, we’ve been obsessed with our clients and delivering them nothing but the best. Completely unburdening them is what we strive for, so that they can focus on their core business. That’s why our employees are being held to extremely high standards. Our team is compiled of a select group of AWS professionals and cloud experts. We are as obsessed with our employees, as we are with our customers. Perhaps we should say we’re actually people-obsessed.

You get what you give

We ask a lot from our employees, and they keep up their end of the bargain. So should we. In our quest to match their dedication, we decided to offer extended health care benefits to our existing and new employees. We partnered up with health care specialist Alan to make this happen. Alan shares a lot of Cloudar’s values. They genuinely believe in their vision and have a true passion for innovation. From the get-go, we knew Alan could take us where we wanted to go.

Going the extra mile

Where traditional insurance parties only cover non-ambulatory costs, with Alan even outpatient health care costs are partially covered. This helps us truly democratize our health care by lowering the financial barrier. For example, even new glasses and dental care are now partly covered. We all know mental healthcare is at least as valuable and important as physical healthcare. COVID-19 and multiple lockdowns have put us all through the wringer. Knowing that our employees can always turn to Alan’s psychological hotline is very reassuring.

No more detours

Usability and agility are, as always, key to us. Thanks to Alan our employees can forget about filling out tons of paperwork and extended waiting periods to get their medical bills reimbursed. No more listening to endless loops of waiting music to get to the right person on the phone. After going to the doctor, they just scan their bill and the costs will be reimbursed on their account within 12 hours. With Alan’s intuitive app, our people have expert healthcare with them at all times.

Want to join this innovative team and become a Cloudar employee yourself? Check out our career opportunities!



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