Slice and Dice your Cloud Migration and Keep Moving

16/12/2019 Patrick Daulie

“The only thing that is constant is change.” – Heraclitus

In IT we have learned to embrace change and new technology. We all need to change if we want our businesses to stay relevant, don’t we? But change, and certainly positive change, doesn’t always happen overnight. It is a process in which we will need to make decisions that will define the desired output.

Since systems, including people and organizations, are interconnected, we have to approach change holistically to make it happen. Therefore, processes exist to guide you during the transformation and help you to arrive at the desired state. In our digital transformation journey and in Cloud Migration it’s not different.

Our approach towards Cloud Migration is a tried and true, structured approach, in which we will first prepare ourselves, then acquire the right methodologies and tools to lay solid foundations and from there on, start practicing and building. During this execution phase, we will iteratively ‘Slice and Dice’ your workloads and business capabilities into reasonable and practical actionables, following an agile approach. Practice makes perfect and before you know it, you’re migrating at scale.

In this perspective, the setup of a highly efficient Migration Factory is utterly important. Here we will make use of the technology and tools at hand to facilitate and automate the migration as much as we can. You can for example make use of CloudEndure, which delivers flexible and innovative migration solutions. Cloudendure offers Continuous block-level replication, cross-infrastructure machine conversion, does automated orchestration and this with a minimal footprint.

Once you’re in the AWS cloud, possibilities to improve, optimize and reinvent are numerous.

Business capabilities will be transformed with available Cloud-Native Services and Technology.

Choosing a partner or MSP that guides you and will help you make the right decisions during the journey, is a direction that you should make as early in the process as possible. It’s an important decision, because once you started your Cloud journey, you will start to see opportunities in which a trusted advisor is a valuable resource to ensure you make the right choices.

Do you want to know where you are in your Cloud journey or where to get started ? Contact your partner for an AWS Migration Readiness Assessment or a AWS Well-Architected Review. It’s a small step, but an essential one to keep your business moving forward in a fast-pace world.


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