The award for APN Consulting Partner Of The Year in Benelux goes to … CLOUDAR!

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17/11/2020 Nele Claes

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09/11/2020 – Data News:

Belgium-based Cloudar is the winner of the APN Consulting Partner of the Year 2020. The APN Partner Awards recognize members of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) who are leaders in the channel and play a key role in helping customers to drive innovation and build solutions on AWS.  As an expert in designing, building & operating cloud infrastructures based on AWS, Cloudar is pleased to receive this sign of appreciation and will continue to collaborate with them in the future.

Despite being a relatively young company – founded in 2014 – Cloudar managed to impress AWS for the third time already with their outstanding consultancy work. In 2018, they received the APN Benelux Advanced Partner Business Award, followed by the AWSome Award Benelux in 2019. When you get to know the company, however, it will not surprise you that they won an AWS award for the third year in a row.

Cloudar has been 100% focused on AWS since day one, instead of using a multi-cloud strategy. Their customers are primarily based in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Since 2019, however, they serve international customers as well. With an annual revenue of over ten million euros, more and more customers from all over the world are discovering and enjoying their services.

The company is the only AWS Premier Partner headquartered in the Benelux that managed to receive both the AWS Migration Competency and the AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) designations, which require in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise. This is an impressive achievement for a Belgian company, which proves that Cloudar is one of the leading experts in the field. As an AWS Premier Partner, Cloudar already reached the highest APN tier, which is impressive for such a young company.

Furthermore, they are an AWS Well-Architected Partner as well, which can only be reached by providing knowledge and expertise each and every day of the year. This allows Cloudar to review AWS workloads for free and remediate them through funded consultancy. Are you looking for best practices or a AWS Well-Architected Review of your workload? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Cloudar. They will be happy to help you out – for free!

As mentioned before, it is clear why AWS decided to give the award of APN Consulting Partner of the Year to Cloudar, based on their experience, knowledge and expertise.

Cloudar guides customers during their migration process to AWS. Moreover, they execute the migration from start to finish and beyond in their 24/7 Managed Services offering. Are you looking for guidance and support on your AWS journey? Plan an Immersion Day with Cloudar. This is a hands-on, full-day workshop about a subject of your choosing. Their in-house AWS experts will gladly immerse you in all that AWS has to offer and much, much more.



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