The deal with DevOps: How AWS helps you deliver faster

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05/07/2022 Senne Vaeyens

In today’s constantly changing business landscape, businesses need to be able to shift gears quickly to deliver new products, features and services. The DevOps approach helps companies leverage the power of AWS to automate infrastructure tasks and accelerate production and deployment.

What is DevOps in Managed Services?

Let’s start with a quick review of what DevOps is. The word DevOps combines development and operations, reflecting the idea that it automates and integrate the processes between software development and IT teams. DevOps is a broad term for a combination of culture, practice and tools that accelerate an organization’s abilities to deliver applications and services. DevOps involves adjusting and reiteration products at fast pace. It is often visualized as a continuous loop, embodying the idea of automation and continuous improvement resulting from the seamless cooperation of developers and operators.

DevOps Managed Services helps enterprises implement changes to their digital products faster. It does this through continuous integration and continuous delivery or continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools, which helps monitor, update, and track updates. AWS gives you a set of flexible services that simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring your application and infrastructure performance.

The DevOps advantage

The DevOps advantage comes down to speed while maintaining quality. The velocity of AWS DevOps helps organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market by proving the following benefits:

  • Speed: Get on the market faster and get ahead of competitors. With AWS services there is no infrastructure setup required or software to install, so you can focus on your core product.
  • Reliability: Practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery test that each change is functional and safe. This lets you reliably deliver faster while ensuring the quality of updates and changes while keeping your users happy.
  • Automation: AWS helps automate processes such as deployments, development & test workflows, container and configuration management. This also cuts down the budget for the deployment and support of IT infrastructure significantly.
  • Scale: Automation and consistency help you manage changing systems more efficiently with reduced risk while scaling up.
  • Flexibility: Making changes as you go instead of rebuilding your existing infrastructure from scratch lets businesses respond faster to customer and market needs.

AWS DevOps best practices

At Cloudar we put DevOps into practice, working with developers or application engineers throughout the entire project life-cycle. Together we decide on deployment strategies, application design optimization, CI/CD pipelines and monitoring requirements using both AWS native services and third party solutions. All developers have to do is write code, and the pipeline takes care of the rest.

We also provision, configure, and manage your AWS infrastructure resources using code and templates, known as infrastructure as code. This helps you manage your development, testing, and production environments in way that is more repeatable and efficient. We build templates monitoring and enforcing infrastructure compliance so clients can easily keep building and tearing down environments. Everything we set up adheres to AWS the AWS Well Architected Framework guidelines and can be fully managed in our Managed Services offering.

Ready to put DevOps into practice to accelerate your success? We enable your teams to focus on software while automating code deployments, infrastructure, security and systems management. Reach out to us!



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