The detailed updates to the Well-Architected Framework

13/07/2020 Ben Bridts

If you follow the AWS “What’s New” blog, you might have noticed that there’s a new version of the Well-Architected Framework. Since we’ve been doing regular Well-Architected Reviews, we were curious to see what changed.

Unfortunately, the blog post did not include a list of changes. Luckily there are other places where you can find those changes (if you know where to look):

For the quick summary of the changes, you can head over to the AWS Architecture Blog: Announcing the New Version of the Well-Architected Framework.

To find more details, with some additional context about why they changed, you can check out a different blog post for each pillar:

If you want to see the actual changes, you would have to download both the old and the new PDF and put the questions side by side. And that’s exactly what we did. There is value in seeing the actual changes – even though the posts above already give a decent idea of what is different – but keep the following in mind when you look at the file we compiled:

  • We only looked at the titles of the best practices. These aren’t the only improvements, there have been a lot of changes in the descriptions, examples, and explanations too.
  • Since the attached document only shows the changes, it’s recommended to use it side-by-side with the official pdf.
  • It’s not the prettiest looking document, but we hope it’s useful anyway.

That being said, we’re interested to hear what you think of these changes!

Download the list of changes here



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