The war for talent is over (and talent has won)

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22/12/2022 Benjamin van der Maas

The struggle is real: The literal and figurative for hire signs everywhere are a testament to the shortage of skilled labor. While it is clearly a worker’s market, with a little creativity (and the right partners) you can access the expertise your company requires while strengthening your precious existing team.

War for talent is a growing problem

The huge gap between supply and demand has created a large number of potential openings for each talented job seeker. This has led a lot of people to quit their jobs for whatever carrots other employers dangle in front of them. In this worker’s market employers are battling to find and retain talent by making compensation and benefits packages as attractive as possible and offering the flexibility to work from home that many people became accustomed to during the pandemic.

Today’s employees are in a position to demand more work-life balance, a sense of purpose and more wellbeing. At the same time the war for talent is creating more expense and cutting into margins already suffering from inflation. This sometimes creates precarious situations for employers fighting to stay in business without adequate staff.

A fast-changing tech landscape

Meanwhile, the tech revolution is radically reshaping the type of talent needed for businesses to thrive. Skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity are becoming more essential. Traditional talent pools are drying up, necessitating the upskilling and cultivation of talent in places where companies don’t typically look for them.

Because of the difficulty and expense in finding and recruiting new profiles, retention has become a major pillar in the war for talent. It has become a must to focus on upskilling and re-skilling existing employees as well as to provide ample opportunities for career growth and personal development. Company culture has also become vital to keeping people on board. Companies are finding out just how essential it is to have a motivating culture and a good value alignment among their team. This makes it all the more essential to nurture existing staff who have already proved their commitment to company values fulfilled and happy.

The constant evolution of the tech landscape and the new skills it demands mean that continuous investment is needed in training and retraining. It’s not easy for companies to organize all of that in-house. Often you require quickly deployable knowledge from someone who is already experienced in that area. Deploying specialists instead of hiring niche profiles at high expense who may not even stay on long-term also creates room to give your own people the opportunity to expand their own knowledge as well as lightening their workload.

You’ll always be in the driver’s seat

So what now? The good news is that companies like Cloudar can be counted on for a high level of internal knowledge sharing and continuous training. We keep our advanced tech and soft skills sharp so that other companies can benefit from them. Our customers can profit from our expertise in a lot of different ways: on a project basis, through flex consultation, or as a member of your permanent team. We also collaborate with you to strengthen your internal profiles through training courses and workshops. That’s true partnership!

The war for talent doesn’t have to be fought alone. We’ll be at your side to provide the AWS expertise and guidance you need while your team gain new skills. Get in touch!




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