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Barco is not another new kid on the block and has a track record in high-quality medical imaging to prove it. 8 out of 10 breast screening centers use Barco’s display technology to detect cancer in its earliest stage. Demetra combines everything we know of medical imaging and clinical workflow. It’s why you can never go wrong with Barco.

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Customer Profile

Barco is a global technology leader that develops networked visualization solutions for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets. Barco’s solutions help people to enjoy compelling entertainment experiences; they foster knowledge sharing and smart decision-making in organizations and help hospitals provide their patients with the best possible healthcare.

The Challenge

Demetra is a next generation skin imaging platform developed by Barco.
Braco needed a robust infrastructure that could act as a backend for their newly developed handheld device.

  • The solution was required to be able to scale to the increase of subscriptions.
  • The solution needed to adhere to the security best practices, due to the sensitive personal data handled by the system.
  • The infrastructure was required to be set up with infrastructure as code in mind to be able to deploy a new environment in a controlled and more important, consistent fashion.
  • The developers needed to be able to deploy at any time in a controlled manner with rollback possibilities.
  • The solution needed to be High-Available to make sure the system is available at all times.

“The combination of the AWS product portfolio and Cloudar’s expertise in this area has been a perfect match for us.
Cloudar’s highly skilled AWS professionals work with us on setting up the best architecture for our applications and as such operate like extended members of our internal OPS & DEV teams.
This is what adds real value and helps Barco to enable bright outcomes for its customers.”– KRISTOF VROMAN, GLOBAL PROCUREMENT, BARCO

Our Solution

The solution designed by Cloudar for Barco was developed with High-Availability, Scalabality & Security in mind, all built up from a well-architected core. The designed AWS environment is mostly serverless, allowing for a great deal of flexibility. Due to the global reach of Barco we made sure that most of the infrastructure is defined in code to make it quick and easy to deploy the solution in other regions. We used the following AWS Services to fulfill these needs:

  • a High available Amazon RDS for DB backend
  • Amazon S3 for object storage for static files.
  • Amazon Cognito
  • AWS Lambda to run code without the need to provide or manage servers.
  • AWS IoT to manage the handheld devices.
  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS Cloudfront for edge caching, to reduce overall load on the system by caching where appropriate.
  • AWS Cloudtrail to monitor the API actions taking place on the account.
  • AWS Certificate Manager
  • AWS Cloudformation to ensure easy en consistent infrastructure deployments across regions.
  • The entire platform is fully managed 24/7 by Cloudar.


We also made use of a number of AWS technical partner solutions:

  • The infrastructure was managed using AWS CloudFormation. Both code and infrastructure were deployed on AWS using Jenkins Pipelines making use of CloudBees© Jenkins plugins.
  • CloudCheckr© was used to ensure the setup complied with AWS best practices and to ensure ongoing compliance once the solution was in production.
  • Site24x7© was used in conjunction with AWS CloudWatch to ensure optimal performance across all environments.
  • Veeam N2WS was used to guarantee reliable backups and enabled us to create a solid disaster recovery plan for Barco


And of course we worked together with our partner Cloudway that helped turning this project into a success story. Cloudway was responsible for the development of the API gateway and backend lambda code

The Result

  • The successful launch of a next gen skin imaging platform.
  • Through the use of managed services from AWS the solution is able to scale to meet demand at any time plus keeping costs low.
  • Infrastructure as code provided us with a good opportunity to create re-useable AWS Cloudformation templates. These are used to easily deploy the application in a new region.
  • Through cooperation with other AWS Technology Partners we were able to ensure continued compliance with AWS best practices and keep the application under a high state of monitoring in an environment with continuous changes and deployments.
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