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Davinsi Labs - A seamless move to the AWS cloud

Being a tech-savvy company, Davinsi Labs was already using modern principles such as DevOps, infrastructure as code and CI/CD to orchestrate and manage their environment. However, they also faced the typical operational problems that come along with a traditional data center setup. Purchasing, ordering and replacing equipment was cumbersome and slow. Convinced of the automation and self-service capabilities of the cloud, they made the strategic decision to move their workload to the AWS cloud.

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Customer Profile

Davinsi Labs is a technology company specializing in cybersecurity and intelligence solutions to support businesses and their users. Their core focus is on Digital Service Intelligence (DSI) to help businesses to secure and optimize their data. Their key offering includes Security Intelligence to protect company data processing against risks and threats, and Operational Intelligence to optimize performance of digital services and applications and enhance user experience. They also provide Digital Business Intelligence, enabling businesses to derive valuable insights from the data generated by their digital services, helping them make informed decisions based on accurate and relevant information.

Customer Challenge

There were some challenges and concerns as Davinsi Labs had some very specific requirements to be met. First, their current automation already relied heavily on Terraform. In order to benefit from this knowledge investment, they wanted to keep using this framework for their future automations. Second, due to some very specific legal and financial requirements, they required the ability to run multiple AWS landing zones. The configuration and deployment of these landing zones needed to be kept 100% in sync and aligned. In order to make this work and at full control, total automation was required.

“With the successful implementation of these powerful AWS services, we unlocked a myriad of benefits for Davinsi Labs! They now enjoy enhanced security, seamless user access, strict compliance adherence, and complete cost control.” – Raf Lenaerts, Sales & Business Development Cloudar 

Our Solution

Cloudar actively collaborated with Davinsi Labs to design and automate an advanced AWS landing zone model. Our work included structuring a well-organized organization, implementing protective policies, setting up multi-account networking via Transit Gateway, and centralizing logging with CloudTrail. We enhanced threat detection through GuardDuty, while Security Hub and AWS Config ensured robust security and compliance monitoring. Additionally, we facilitated seamless single sign-on using AWS Identity Center and enabled budget monitoring with AWS Budgets and SNS.

Result & Benefits

Cloudar led the implementation, creating a customized cloud infrastructure for Davinsi Labs. Automating the landing zone with Terraform, our modular base code model streamlined the setup.

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