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Scaling Media Polls to New Heights

In an era of instant digital feedback, DPG’s Newscity faced the challenge of handling a massive influx of real-time requests, especially during peak moments of major public events such as national elections. Traditional infrastructures struggled to cope with these sudden surges, leading to the need to modernize and improve the current application. They needed a solution that could not only handle high request volumes but also seamlessly integrate their SaaS polling application with their front-end media platforms in real-time.

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Customer Profile

DPG Media Belgium is a leading media group in Flanders that knows how to touch viewers, surfers, readers and listeners with impressive stories, lightning-fast news and sparkling entertainment. The company belongs to DPG Media Group, which is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark. Television, newspapers, radio, magazines & online services are working together in this new house on a creative media story to the rhythm of the future. The beating heart of the group is formed by strong media brands. In addition, the online services are a growing branch within the organization.

The Challenge

The system could effortlessly scale up or down based on the demands, ensuring optimal performance even during peak times.

Serverless Architecture
AWS fully managed services eliminated the need for DPG to worry about operational overhead, allowing them to focus on content and audience engagement.

Operational Relief

The operational burden was significantly reduced with Cloudar managed services and expertise.

Cloudar provided us with the technical knowledge to set up the cloud environment in a fast and efficiënt way.SVEN  VAN VLEM – HEAD OF TECHNOLOGY DPG NEWS CITY

Our Solution

Cloudar, as an AWS Premier Partner and a Certified Managed Services Provider, took on the challenge to revolutionize DPG’s polling system. Using AWS’s serverless architecture, Cloudar developed a robust, cloud-native system:

  1. API Gateway: To manage, monitor, and secure the API calls.
  2. Lambda: For executing the code in response to the polls, ensuring efficient processing of each request without the need for provisioning or managing servers.
  3. DynamoDB: To offer a fast and flexible NoSQL database service, ensuring that the high influx of data was stored securely and could be accessed rapidly.
  4. SQS: To decouple and scale microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications, ensuring that every poll taken was queued and processed.

Furthermore, Cloudar went beyond just infrastructure; they actively assisted in writing the function code, ensuring best practices were met, and the architecture was truly optimized for DPG’s unique needs.

The Result

Managed Services

The customer can now focus on the application and creating value to the business.


The application landscape will run faster, cheaper and also more reliable.

Automated Deployments

Automated deployments are achieved using Infrastructure-as-Code.

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