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Mediahuis - Shared news platform

Mediahuis is the international media company behind a wide range of cross-media brands. News consumers have 24/7 access to the journalistic heart of their brands via a wide range of platforms.

For advertisers, Mediahuis is a strategic partner who thinks along with them and offers commercial solutions.

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The Challenge

Mediahuis is looking to create a scalable platform that allows for flexible deployment of new features and software releases. The new platform needs to allows Mediahuis to onboard new channels easily and share features across channels.

Our Solution

After extensive workshops, an architecture was designed according to the requirements and AWS Best practices, making use of the Well Architected Framework and the Cloud Adoption Framework.
A multi-account setup and orchestration was built using AWS SSO, Control Tower and its automation. DevOps methodologies and technology were used to improve quality in the software releases and to leverage business agility using Kubernetes on EKS.

The Result


The platform allows developers or project managers to easily request a business account with a pre-configured VPC, connection to Transit Gateway and EKS cluster.



Making use of AWS tooling such as managed node group auto scaling, using both on-demand and spot instances, in combination with EKS Kubernetes provides scalability on both application and cluster level.



Setting up the AWS infrastructure and configuring standard security settings is fully automated. This ensures smooth operations and continuous integration of new features and improvements on the platform.

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