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In this specific case, RGF Staffing Belgium relies on a complex application landscape for its daily recruiting and sourcing operations. Unhappy with their current hosting provider, they wanted to move these specific workloads to the AWS cloud. The landscape consisted of around 50 VM’s, Linux and Windows alike.

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Customer Profile

RGF Staffing is part of Recruit Global Staffing, one of the world’s largest HR services providers, with activities in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.
Labor has become more than a means of putting money on the table or getting the job done. It is about connecting the purposes of individuals and companies, creating opportunities for everyone involved. By contributing to our stakeholders’ values to bet on passion, wow the world and prioritize social value, RGF Staffing Belgium creates opportunities for life: for employees, companies, governments and society at large.

The Challenge

The migration needed to happen in 3 month’s time. That was a hard deadline as the then current hosting contract ran out. Support from the old hosting partner was minimal. Apart from some small maintenance windows, no business impact was allowed. Several VMWare vm’s were a result of an earlier physical to virtual migration which ruled our AWS export/import services. Several Oracle servers needed to migrate from iron to cloud.

“Cloudar is a company that supports us in our digital transformation and not just resells infrastructure like many other companies.
Cloudar delivers excellent technical knowledge & expertise to support you to make your digital transformation a success.”– KOEN DE JONGHE, IT OPERATIONS & INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGER, RGF PEOPLE BELGIUM

Our Solution

The solution designed by Cloudar for RGF Staffing Belgium was developed with High-Availability, Scalabality & Security in mind, all built up from a well-architected core:

  • Most application servers were Rehosted and reinstalled from scratch on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).
  • Some database servers were already replatformed to Amazon Relation Database Service (RDS) where possible.
  • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) was used to replace an old SMTP setup.
  • Load balancers were decommissioned and replaced by AWS Elastic Load Balancers (ELB’s).
  • The entire platform is fully managed 24/7 by Cloudar


We also made use of a number of AWS technical partner solutions:

  • Ansible was used to automate application deployment
  • CloudCheckr© was used to ensure the setup complied with AWS best practices and to ensure ongoing compliance once the solution was in production.
  • Site24x7© was used in conjunction with AWS CloudWatch to ensure optimal performance across all environments.
  • Veeam N2WS was used to guarantee reliable backups and enabled us to create a solid disaster recovery plan for RGF Staffing

The Result

  • Making use of the AWS API to deploy the EC2 instances and Ansible to deploy applications, the deadline was met without any issues.
  • After the time pressing Lift and Shift migration, we could shave a lot of money off the bill by optimizing the infrastructure for cloud.
  • The whole application landscape now runs faster, cheaper and much more reliable.
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