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VDAB: Ensuring a reliable AWS infrastructure

Cloudar designed and built a well-designed AWS infrastructure and helped VDAB to deploy their workloads using CDK pipelines.
This allowed VDAB to quickly deliver scalable, reliable and secure solutions to their customers.
Cloudar’s 24/7 Managed Services guarantees continuous compliance, uptime and monitoring/alerting across multiple workloads

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Customer Profile

Every region in Belgium has a public employment service. The VDAB is the public employment service of Flanders (official language: Dutch).

The VDAB was founded in 1989 to make the labor market in Flanders as transparent and dynamic as possible. With a view to reaching that goal, the VDAB offers employment services, training, and career guidance

Customer Challenge

VDAB works with a whole range of different AWS accounts. It is a dynamic system of projects for which the code is delivered through independent sources.

As a government agency, being well architected is very important for security and reliability. CIS compliance is a must.

As community funding is used, costs also need to be closely monitored. The customer wanted to stay on top of all these factors to reduce the risk of security breaches, to improve efficiency and to ensure cost transparency.

Cloudar built a well-designed AWS infrastructure and helped us to deploy our workloads using CDK pipelines. This allowed us to quickly deliver scalable, reliable and secure solutions to our customersPASCAL CLAESSENS – CLOUD CENTER OF EXPERTISE MANAGER

Our Solution

The AWS accounts were organized in a Control Tower structure. AWS Organizations and AWS Identity Center were leveraged.

Using Steampipe, we delivered a list of IAM entities that needed remediation to comply with the security standards.

Cloudar deployed a centralized CI/CD pipeline, which includes all necessary security and compliancy checks and approval steps before code is deployed to production.

For cost management and billing alerts, Cloudar configured CloudCheckr.

Cloudar needed to make sure the VDAB environment adheres to current Cloudar and VDAB compliance standards, including the AWS Well Architected Framework and the Center of Internet Security AWS Foundations Benchmark. For this purpose, Trend Micro Cloud One Conformity, a Cloud Security Posture Management System, was set up to gather information from a range of AWS services such as AWS Config and AWS Guard Duty.
This feeds Cloudar’s Real Time Compliance Monitoring System which triggers an alert when important configuration changes, that have an impact on any of the pillars of the Well Architected Framework, have occurred.

Lastly, we performed a full review of all the accounts and organized customer training sessions to close the final gaps.

Result & Benefits

  • Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Compliance Monitoring combined with alerting allows for a very quick resolution time. Critical findings are immediately handled by Cloudar’s engineers 24/7.


  • Guaranteed Compliance

Cloudar manages the environment, monitoring and ensuring compliancy.


  • Support for Security Industry

The Well Architected Framework is incorporated within the tool, along with other industry standards such as CIS.

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