AWS 24/7 Managed Applications

Empowering Your Apps, Ensuring Peak Performance: Our Cloud Operations Team ensures that your workflows are efficient and your system’s code is kept up to date.
Our Application Management Services (AMS) are focused on enhancing business efficiency and sparking innovation, so you can concentrate on your core objectives, entrusting this responsibility to our expert care.

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Rising Demand For<br />
Application Managed Services

Rising Demand For
Application Managed Services

Application Management Services (AMS) are like having an extra tech team that’s got your back. This covers the entire spectrum of your IT necessities, from managing incidents and change requests to overseeing releases and updates. When IT budgets are tight, there’s a need to simplify application portfolios, transitioning from numerous outdated systems to a more contemporary, streamlined method. Some of the main goals of AMS include:

• Boosting efficiency and guarantee maximum performance & uptime
• Cutting down operational expenses
• Accelerating fundamental business processes
• Elevating the experience and adoption by business users

Our Approach

Our Approach

Cloudar’s Application Management Services are designed to tackle these driving factors. We ensure your system performance meets your expectations by offering a scalable and secure framework. For off-the-shelf solutions, we minimize non-essential customizations, guaranteeing smooth and cost-effective upgrades as needed.
Additionally, we offer training and ongoing support to bolster user adoption and consistent enhancement throughout your organization.

Did we already mention that we offer Cloud-Native Development Services as well?
Cloud-Native Development involves creating and designing applications specifically for cloud platforms, ensuring they take full advantage of the cloud’s flexibility and scalability features.

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Value-Driven Application Management Services

Cut Down on Operational Expenses

Cut Down on Operational Expenses

A uniform service strategy that trims expenses and boosts application uptime. Precise Service Level Agreements (SLAs) drive efficiency and curtail application overheads. By leveraging our Application Management Services, you can also achieve a higher ROI as your team can concentrate on other pivotal tasks.

Boost Operational Consistency

Boost Operational Consistency

Move towards a consistent operational state by actively reducing service disturbances using a proactive management methodology. By strategically implementing effective incident management practices, you can not only decrease the frequency of incidents but also enhance the overall availability and reliability of your applications.

Enterprise Modernization

Enterprise Modernization

Our Application Management Services act as a conduit, transitioning you from dated legacy systems to contemporary infrastructure. Such an upgraded system not only promotes efficiency and agility but also provides a competitive edge, all thanks to our emphasis on fundamental application management and rejuvenation.

Optimize Service Delivery

Optimize Service Delivery

Maintain unparalleled service excellence throughout each phase of the application lifecycle by integrating industry-leading standards and best practices. This approach ensures that you have a robust and adaptive service infrastructure in place, perfectly poised to navigate and support the ever-evolving landscape of business demands, challenges, and transformations.

Features Included In Our AMS Offering

Features Included In Our AMS Offering

• End-to-end solutions that focus on creating business value and driving innovation
• 360 Observability, 24/7
• Dedicated Operations Center for application assistance
• Proactive maintenance
• Industry standard tools for monitoring and management
• Continuous Service Improvement for all application management
• Clear and transparent service level agreements
• A local team of experts providing application support



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