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Leverage cloud-based services for faster innovation and efficient scaling with our cloud-native software development approach.

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Architecture & Development

Architecture & Development

Cloud Native Development is about crafting scalable and cost-effective cloud environments. It emphasizes modern practices like microservices, serverless computing, and containers. Architects and developers design systems that scale seamlessly with demand while optimizing expenses.
Serverless platforms such as AWS Lambda and API Gateway enable agile, cost-efficient development by managing resources dynamically.
Container technologies like Amazon ECS, Kubernetes, and OpenShift simplify deployment and ensure consistency.
Cloud Native Development is essential for organizations aiming to excel in the ever-evolving cloud computing realm.

Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Application Modernization is the process of transitioning legacy applications to a cloud-native AWS environment, unlocking enhanced agility, scalability, and efficiency. This transformation typically involves refactoring or rearchitecting applications to align with cloud-native principles, such as microservices, serverless computing, and containerization.
By harnessing AWS services like Lambda, API Gateway, and Elastic Container/Kubernetes Service, organizations can modernize their applications, reducing infrastructure overhead and optimizing costs. Leverage AWS to drive digital transformation through modernization.
Working with a partner like Cloudar can also help you to secure the necessary funding for these application modernizations through the AWS Migration Acceleration Program

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24/7 Application Managed Services

24/7 Application Managed Services

Empowering Your Apps, Ensuring Peak Performance: Our Cloud Operations Team ensures that your workflows are efficient and your system’s code is kept up to date.
Our Application Management Services (AMS) are focused on enhancing business efficiency and sparking innovation, so you can concentrate on your core objectives, entrusting this responsibility to our expert care..

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