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What is FlexConsult?

What is FlexConsult?

Next to its regular Managed Services, Cloudar offers a consultancy and support platform to meet your ad-hoc cloud needs. Flex Consult is our consulting on-demand service matching your requirements with the right Subject-Matter Expert. Our pool of consultants enables a rapid take-off for short assignments. This way you can move forward quickly.

Why FlexConsult?

Why FlexConsult?

• Save on recruitment costs
• Zero in on the expertise you need
• Move ahead faster

When you’re undergoing a digital transformation, you come to a point where a specific set of expertise and skills required in your development process is not available in-house. Some changes and new services simply can’t wait to be implemented, as time to market is key.

It isn’t always necessary to engage with a consultant for a longer period. Rather than embarking on the difficult task of hiring the suitable resources yourself and engaging with full-time consultants or contracts, you can simply hire a subject matter expert for advice on best practices, to perform an analysis, or for any short-running assignment.


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