AWS 24/7 Managed Services

As a next-generation AWS Managed Service Provider, Cloudar works diligently 24/7 to monitor your AWS infrastructure. No call center, but certified experts at your beck and call. And you? You pay for what you need. And nothing more.

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As Some Things Never Change, We Still Offer The Big 3 Of
24/7 Managed Services

Managed Monitoring, Alerting & Back-Ups

Managed Monitoring, Alerting & Back-Ups

Things go wrong. That’s just the way it is. So better safe than sorry, right? Our rock-solid monitoring tools prevent all possible outages and protect you on all levels: infrastructure, OS, and application. We also support you with necessary backups for multiple accounts or regions.

AWS Cloud Security

AWS Cloud Security

As the cloud grows, the need for protection against poor configurations grows as well. And that’s not all: it’s important to keep your systems up-to-date. We protect your infrastructure and applications from A to Z: patching, cloud security posture management, endpoint protection, you name it. The driving force behind our cloud security service? Timely assessments of your security status and possible risks.

AWS DevOps

AWS DevOps

The more you apply DevOps, the more important it is to standardize continuous integration and integration (CI/CD) pipelines. Do you lack the capacity or expertise to set up CI/CD pipelines for all of your projects? Cloudar can help with a standardized DevOps process. That way, all development teams can maintain security and governance best practices.



What does a Next Generation MSP offer more? For starters, we have a wide range of AWS certified engineers. AWS is all we do, so we make sure we are fully up to date with the very frequent AWS product updates. We will analyze them and look for ways on how to apply them to your setup to either make your infrastructure more reliable, more performant or cheaper to run. Or a combination.
‘Security is Job Zero’ is AWS’ mantra, and it is ours as well. We will design your environment with Security as the most important requirement, and we keep on monitoring it using tools like Anomaly Detection and Log Analysis.



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