AWS Well-Architected Review

Cloudar is among a select group of certified AWS Well-Architected Partners worldwide. These Partners offer advanced AWS knowledge and hands-on experience in architecture, building, migrating, and optimization using the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Schedule your FREE AWS Well-Architected Review to receive actionable insights about your environment’s security, reliability, and performance, as well as your cloud operations and return on cloud spend.

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The 6 Pillars Of The Well-Architected Framework

Performance Efficiency

Performance Efficiency

Using computing resources efficiently to meet requirements and maintain efficiency as demand and technology evolves.



Protecting information, systems, and assets while delivering business value through risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Effectively and efficiently running systems to support business outcomes while continually making improvements.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Eliminating unnecessary costs and suboptimal resources while measuring system efficiency and ROI.



Recovering from failures through automation and self-healing and dynamically acquiring new resources to meet demand.



Minimizing the environmental impacts of running cloud workloads through a shared responsibility model for sustainability

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Free Well-Architected Review?

Cloudar's AWS Well-Architected Roles and Responsibilities

Cloudar's AWS Well-Architected Roles and Responsibilities

  • Our AWS certified solution architect will work closely with your team to review your workload and will produce a detailed report outlining actionable items, timeframes, as well as provide prescriptive guidance in each of the key architectural pillars.
  • Analysis of the workload/data collected across the 6 Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, including any recommendations for remediation.
  • Cloudar will submit a review and analysis document, outlining all findings and recommendations corresponding to Well-Architected framework.

The Well-Architected framework offers a consistent method to selected partners who have the exclusivity of evaluating various architectures for specific use cases, and providing measures for an application’s improvement. With our commitment towards excellence, this instrument is going to be vital in transforming the face of the in-field cloud infrastructure:

Schedule Your Free AWS Well-Architected Review

Schedule Your Free AWS Well-Architected Review

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    AWS Well-Architected FAQ

    Read our AWS Well-Architected FAQ to learn more about the AWS Well-Architected Framework and how AWS Well-Architected Reviews are delivered.

    What is a Well-Architected Review?

    Amazon Web Services has created a set of best practices for running systems in the Cloud, which they call the AWS Well-Architected Framework. A Well-Architected review is a high-level check of a critical workload against the framework.

    The review is carried out by a Cloudar engineer who will work through a set of structured questions to establish alignment with AWS’s recommended best practice. The questions are aligned with the six pillars of the Well-Architected Framework as explained here.

    How long does a Well-Architected Review take?

    The review itself typically takes two to three hours to complete. You should allow a further two hours to discuss the results and the recommendations.

    Who needs to be involved?

    To get maximum value from a Well-Architected review, it is important that all parties involved with the workload join the review. We recommend the presence of at least one person for each key area.

    For a typical workload, this would usually involve the following roles:

    • Infrastructure Engineer(s)
    • DBA(s)
    • DevOps Engineer(s)
    • Developer(s)
    • Support Team representation
    • Security Team representation

    Are there any prerequisites or anything I need to prepare?

    Ahead of the review we like to arrange a 30-minute preparatory call to confirm the scope of the workload and to talk through the prerequisites. For the review itself, we will ask you to prepare or bring the following:

    • Any existing documentation on the design of this workload, including architecture diagrams
    • Access to the AWS account in which the workload resides:
      • read-only access to the account
      • full access to the Well-Architected review service within the console
      • a template IAM policy can be provided to support this
      • a projector/screen and an HDMI connection
      • a whiteboard or similar

    How many Well-Architected Reviews should/can I do?

    You can carry out as many reviews as you have distinct workloads and we recommend that the review for each workload is revisited every three to six months. There is no limit to how many improvement funding nominations can be requested, but you can only request funding once for each distinct workload.

    How much does a Well-Architected Review cost?

    A Well-Architected Review is free of charge.

    What are the benefits of doing a Well-Architected Review?

    The scale and rapid evolution of AWS might prevent you from unlocking the full potential of modern cloud environments. Over time, you risk compromising performance and efficiency, leading to competitive disadvantage and business vulnerability.

    Well-Architected reviews offer clarity and focus in an ever-changing environment, enabling priority areas to be identified and addressed.They help you:

    • Optimize Workloads – identify opportunities to optimize and re-architect workloads to run more efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively
    • Mitigate Risks – lower or mitigate risks through better understanding as you build or optimize your current architectures
    • Accelerate & Invent – discover new services that help you build and deploy workloads and respond faster to opportunities to invent

    What does “Remediation” mean?

    The Well-Architected review is based on AWS best practices. “Remediation” refers to improving your workload based on Cloudar’s recommendations aligned with AWS best-practices.

    Once the remediation work is done, what is next?

    We recommend running a Well-Architected review every three to six months for each distinct workload. Not only will you see your improvements, you will also be able to compare the new review outcomes against the first review, and assess the current status of the workload against evolving best practices.

    Why do you need access to my AWS Account?

    When scheduling your review, we need to notify AWS and provide them with the Account ID for your nominated workload. To proceed with the review, we require access to the Well-Architected review service within your AWS account console. 

    AWS now manages the Well-Architected review process through the account portal so in order for us to complete the questions and submit these to AWS (and for you to qualify for remediation funding) we must submit these responses on your behalf through your AWS account.

    How do I provide access to my AWS Account?

    Cloudar can provide template IAM user credentials to allow us to securely review your AWS workloads.

    What do I have to do to be eligible for the $5K in AWS credits?

    AWS is currently offering service credits up to $5K if you start remediation work within 30 days of a Well-Architected Review. The credits will be applied to the account for which the review was completed.

    Cloudar needs to notify AWS that work has started and provides a statement of work that details the remediation work being completed. In order to be eligible to receive these credits, you must also complete AWS’s customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey.

    Where do I find out more about the Well-Architected framework?

    You can find plenty of information about the Well-Architected framework, including the main whitepaper, articles and videos on each of the 6 pillars on AWS’s website here. Or you can get in touch by phone or email if you have any questions regarding a Cloudar Well-Architected Review (+32 3 450 67 18 or

    How do I book a review?

    To arrange your review, fill in the contact form or get in touch by phone or email:



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