AWS Workshops & Training

Knowing all the AWS services is one thing. Knowing when and where to use which one is a completely different issue. Our tailor-made AWS workshops and/or training will not only help you understand different AWS Infrastructure services but also show you how to use them so that you can take the full benefit of the AWS platform to build highly scalable web applications in the cloud.

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AWS Training Courses

AWS Training Courses

With in-house AWS expertise, 2 AWS Authorized Instructors and numerous of Certified AWS professionals, we can deliver a variety of AWS training courses.
We pave the way for our customers’ success by bridging the Cloud skill divides. Businesses that invest in structured training for their staff witness improvements in employee onboarding and retention, resulting in increased job satisfaction.

Whether you are new, have some experience with AWS or are seeking AWS certification, we can help you and your team capitalize on your cloud investment.

For Official AWS Training and Certification courses we work together with Fast Lane and The Campus who are both official AWS Training Partners.

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Tailor-Made AWS Workshops

Tailor-Made AWS Workshops

Because of popular demand we also offer customized, organisation-specific workshops. These workshops are tailor-made and compiled together with the customers.
In most-cases these workshops are hands-on with real-life cases related to the customer’s business.
It needs no saying that a basis of IT infrastructure in general is preferred when attending these workshops.


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