Our commitment in building Deep Expertise embodied

AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner

At Cloudar we are committed to building deep expertise of AWS and it’s service portfolio.

We have a team of trained and AWS-certified engineers who are continuously refining their skills and upping their game. We never stop looking for ways to improve and optimize your setup to make your infrastructure more reliable, performant and cheaper to run.

Regarding to AWS Lambda, we are a recognised Service Delivery Partner. We are committed in knowing what is needed to keep on top of things and knowing all about the nuts an bolts of the services. After all, we know that sometimes small changes can make a huge difference in your business critical workloads. With the deep expertise we offer, we will make sure that the Customer will benefit.

All our engineers hold at least one AWS certificate.
AWS is all we do; It is our only focus
We keep up to date with the rapidly changing AWS Cloud, so you don’t have to.– TOM DE BLENDE, MANAGING PARTNER / COO, CLOUDAR

AWS SecOps

Cloudar offers the following security services:

• Cloudar security workshop:
Inspector, Guard Duty, Security Hub,… AWS offers many different services which have something to do with security. How can you select the ones you need without understanding what each service does?
In this interactive workshop, one of our AWS certified security experts explains all you need to know about the different security-related AWS services. As a bonus, the presentation also covers some 3rd party security tools we recommend.

• Cloudar security checkup
You already have some workloads in AWS, but you’re worried about how secure everything is? Our security experts are happy to perform a review of your environment to answer that question. The security checkup combines tool-based technical analysis with human interpretation. We can even review your relevant organizational procedures. The results of this expert view are documented in a report, providing a tailor-made plan to improve your security posture. Of course, we can also help you with the implementation of those improvements.

• Cloudar security consulting
We have been ISO 27001:2013 certified ourselves since 2018 and we love to help you to achieve your certificate as well. Using our experience with the creation and maintenance of an Information Security Management System, we can provide you with all the support you need.

AWS Cloudfront Deep Expertise

AWS Cloudfront is another service on which we provide deep expertise. We have a broad customer base running high traffic websites with AWS CloudFront on which we achieve low latency and high transfer speeds.

Having the right configuration and level of integration with other Services are utterly important. Therefore we know when and how to use Lambda@Edge, AWS WAF, advanced Security Features and so on. Our Content Delivery Network solutions built on AWS Cloudfront are always custom-made and built according to the specific Customer needs. When it comes to AWS Cloudfront we want to live on the edge.

AWS Transfer Family Deep Expertise

Transferring files securely in and out the Cloud is essential for many applications and workloads.

The AWS Transfer Family is an AWS fully managed services that offers your business file transfer protocol-enabled functionalities in AWS, without the need to run any server infrastructure yourselves. At the same time, you can keep your current flow and configuration as is. The biggest advantage is that you are able to integrate existing AWS Storage services and from there on other AWS Services. At Cloudar, we have leveraged the AWS Transfer Family service in many architectures and workloads.

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