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17/11/2022 Team Cloudar

We’re so proud of our fantastic team, which is why we are continuing to spotlight each of our members. Next up: Benjamin Van der Maas, who has helped our Cloud Financial Management services keep growing and improving. Here’s what he has to say about being part of our company:

What do you like about working for Cloudar?

For me Cloudar is the best example of how it really is possible to “work to live” instead of “live to work.” Cloudar is an organization that focuses on results and gives you a lot of room to specialize and grow while shaping your own path. The no-nonsense culture and unbelievable level of technical expertise still makes me think “I can’t believe I get to be a part of this” every day.

What memory or anecdote will stick with you?

One of my most memorable moments at Cloudar was a feedback conversation that I took part in with one of our consultants. I had received negative feedback from a customer about one of our engineers back when I was Project Manager. Our managers called him in for a talk and calmly asked him about the project, how it was for him, and how it was going. At no point was the customer’s feedback used as a kind of accusation. In fact, there was no indication toward the engineer that there was a problem. At no point did they doubt their trust in their own people. Client feedback is extremely important to us and we fully welcome it, but trust in our team is at the heart of Cloudar.

What’s your most important work milestone so far?

My biggest milestone up until now is helping to shape FinOps and Cloud Financial Management within Cloudar. As Cloud Financial Management Practice Lead I help keep everything related to Cloud Financial Management and FinOps going in the right direction. Together with my colleagues I develop our best practices and ensure that Cloud Financial Management as a service develops to meet the needs of our customers. This has been a truly unique opportunity and I am so grateful for it.

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