How the FinOps Shared Responsibility Model can help you optimize cloud costs

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09/06/2022 Benjamin van der Maas

One of the biggest advantages of working in the cloud is cost efficiency. The most effective way to increase results is by sharing the responsibility with all involved parties. The AWS Shared Responsibility Model already does this for security. It means that both AWS and the customer carry a part of the responsibility to make sure they can work in the cloud securely. AWS takes care of keeping the cloud and its infrastructure secure. The customer ensures their operations and workloads in the cloud remain secure and compliant. What the AWS Shared Responsibility Model does for security, the FinOps model does for the financial side of any company’s cloud set-up.

Ease of mind

With FinOps Shared Responsibility Model organizations can rest assured that cost optimization doesn’t just rest on their shoulders. Together with a FinOps expert the customer can share the responsibility of cost efficient working in the cloud on all levels of the operation. The FinOps expert will lay out guidelines and install the necessary guard rails. They will take on cost monitoring and rate optimization. The company’s engineers on the other hand are responsible for the cost efficiency of their solutions and architecture.

Putting it into practice

If you want to make shared responsibility work and engage all stakeholders in doing their part, clear communication and reliable data monitoring are key. Consistent monitoring and reporting are essential if you strive to produce trustworthy data. Which you definitely want if you are looking to optimize your operational costs. They allow companies to evaluate where you need to invest more or maybe less. With correct data, honest communication and critical analysis, an organization can quickly determine where they can innovate and finetune their processes. And more so: how they can do this within their budget and at minimal cost. Maybe even freeing up resources for taking their operations to the next level.

Want to know more about FinOps Shared Responsibility Model? Read all about it in this article by the FinOps Alliance. If you want to prevent losing oversight or getting caught in the details, partnering up with a FinOps specialist can save you a lot of headache. Cloudar is a very proud member of the FinOps Alliance. Be sure to contact us if you want to hear how we can help you optimize your cloud costs.



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